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  • Jan. 28 2015

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    Sherwood Chemicals acknowledges infringement of BASF patent

    Sherwood Chemicals Australasia Pty Ltd (‘Sherwood Chemicals’) has reached a settlement with BASF relating to the infringement of a BASF patent. BASF has the exclusive right to market products containing fipronil for the treatment of ants and cockroaches in Australia. 
  • Jun. 14 2013

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    BASF resolves fipronil patent infringement case in Australia

    BASF, the world’s leading chemical company, has resolved court proceedings against Imtrade Australia Pty Ltd which included allegations of infringement of one of BASF's Australian patents relating to processes for the manufacture of fipronil. Imtrade gave undertakings to the Federal Court of Australia that it would not infringe BASF’s rights in that patent and would refrain from selling or marketing any products containing fipronil that infringed BASF's rights in that patent, for as long as the Australian Patent remains in force.

  • Jan. 23 2013


    BASF-Nufarm agreement changes: BASF to distribute crop protection products directly in Australia

    BASF and Nufarm Australia Ltd today announced that, following the expiry of their distribution agreement, BASF will directly distribute its range of crop protection products to the Australian market, effective March 1, 2014. The BASF product portfolio has been distributed in Australia by Nufarm and Crop Care since 2004.

  • Jan. 18 2013


    Termidor® for Ants – Revolutionary

    Termidor® is well known for its effectiveness on termites. Nowadays, more and more pest managers are turning to Termidor for ant control. Duncan Priest is the owner of Pestrid Pest Management Services in Cairns. He has been working in pest management in far north Queensland for over twelve years and has plenty of experience in controlling pest ants in the tropical zone.


  • Dec. 17 2012

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    HACCP International Certifies BASF Pest Control Products

    HACCP International has certified a range of pest control products manufactured by BASF for use in food premises across the Asia Pacific region. The certification covers the Vector™ branded fly control system products, Roguard® branded rodent bait stations and several insecticide and rodenticide products for pest management professionals.

  • Oct. 26 2012

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    Termidor Dust – perfect for baiting stations

    Termidor Dust is widely used by pest managers to eliminate termites inside dwellings or outside in trees and fences. Well aware of its effectiveness on termites, a growing number of pest managers are now using Termidor Dust as their product of choice to apply to termites found in baiting stations.

    Termite baiting stations are a common form of termite detection. Once termites are found a baiting station provides the perfect opportunity for colony elimination.

  • Oct. 8 2012

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    BASF Pest Control Solutions appoints NSW Sales Manager

    BASF Australia has recently appointed David Wilson to the position of NSW Sales Manager for its Pest Control Solutions team in Australia.

    David brings a wealth of more than 11 years’ of experience in the pest control industry to his new role.

    Over the past decade David has held several roles in all facets of the pest control industry ranging from Service Technician, Operations Manager, Termite Product Manager and ran his own successful pest control business in Sydney for over 4 years.

  • Oct. 4 2012


    Termites: on which we dust

    Most pest managers are aware of the importance of eliminating termites from buildings before establishing a barrier treatment.

    But, what is the correct option when a thorough inspection reveals an infestation which is very light, with only a relative few termites showing up in areas where activity has been found?

  • Sep. 28 2012

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    BASF to strengthen global crop protection business with acquisition of Becker Underwood

    BASF plans to acquire Becker Underwood for a price of $1.02 billion. The company, headquartered in Ames, Iowa, is one of the leading global providers of technologies for biological seed treatment, seed treatment colors and polymers, as well as products in the areas of biological crop protection, turf and horticulture, animal nutrition and landscape colorants and coatings

  • Sep. 21 2012

    Mal Brewer

    4,000 treatments and counting with no product failures.

    After carrying out more than 4,000 applications with the one product, termite management specialist, Mal Brewer, believes he has every right to express his faith in Termidor® Termiticide.

    Over his nearly twenty years in the business, he has tried a wide range of products and technologies: generic and patented; repellent and non-repellent; and pre- and post- construction. 


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