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    Ants are social insects, living in colonies, in domestic and industrial situations ants can be a major problem.

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    Bed Bugs

    Bed bugs may be small, but they can have a big impact your budget and your life.

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    Cockroaches are nocturnal creatures, spending the daytime hours hiding in cracks and crevices around sources of food and wate

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    A concern with fleas is their ability to transmit disease organisms

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    Flies in and around commercial food establishments annoy customers and can serve as vectors for Salmonella.

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    Mosquitoes can be found throughout most areas of Australia.

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    Rodents are a worldwide pest due to their capacity to cause structural damage, to spread life-threatening diseases.

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    Stored product pests

    infestations of stored grain causes many millions of dollar loss every year globally

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    Termites are an ancient order of insects whose origins date back more than 100 million years to the Cretaceous period

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    Wasps can be beneficial insects as they kill an enormous number of other ‘pests' e.g. flies, caterpillars etc

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    Other Pests

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