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    Ant Solutions

    Confidently control ant problems, minimize call-backs, and establish longstanding customer relationships with our ant control solutions

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    Bed Bug Solutions

    Few pests pose control challenges as complex as bed bugs

  • basf pest solutions cockroach teaser

    Cockroach Solutions

    Cockroaches present one of the most significant public health risks

  • basf pest solutions fly teaser

    Fly Solutions

    Flies can serve as vectors for Salmonella, E-coli, Cryptosporidium, Listeria, and more.

  • basf pest info flea teaser

    Flea Solutions

    A concern with fleas is their ability to transmit disease organisms

  • basf pest info mosquito teaser

    Mosquito Solutions

    Mosquitoes have been implicated in vectoring many diseases to humans

  • basf pest solutions rodent2 teaser

    Rodent Solutions

    Rodents cause millions of dollars damage per year and are major disease carrying pest

  • basf pest solutions termite teaser

    Termite Solutions

    Every year, termites cause millions of dollars worth of property damage in Australia.

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Pest Solutions

When dealing with active pest infestations, choosing the right products and application techniques can make all the difference. It’s especially important to choose an approach that complements, rather than interferes with, preventative maintenance efforts.

Our Pest Solutions guide breaks down the best ways to control different pests with a flexible array of cutting-edge products from BASF.


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