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Fendona® Pressurised Insecticide

Fendona® Pressurised Insecticide is a fast acting synthetic pyrethroid spray treatment for insect pests.

Type: Insecticide
Active: 0.5 g/kg ALPA-CYPERMETHRIN
Pack size: 500g can


When applied, Fendona's unique pressurised insecticide formulation dries into a crystalline form enabling superior residual control and efficacy.
Fendona Pressurised Insecticide is perfect for use within cracks and crevices, along skirting boards, within and around window frames and tracks, or other areas where a barrier treatment is desired.

Fendona Pressurised Insecticide is System III® compatible, providing professional pest controllers added flexibility and ease of application. Fendona Pressurised Insecticide is suitable for use in and
around domestic households, industrial and commercial establishments including food processing establishments and is also registered for use in and around agricultural buildings (except where animals are housed).

Fendona Pressurised Insecticide provides broad spectrum knockdown and residual control and is registered for use on all common crawling and flying insect pest species, including ants, cockroaches, spiders and bedbugs, providing pest control operators with superior flexibility and trusted BASF efficacy.

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