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Green Lawnger®

Turf and Divot Mix Colorant

Instantly restores natural green colour to dormant or discoloured turf!

Green Lawnger turf colorant with ColorLock® technology:

  • Durable, natural green colour that won't fade to blue
  • Longer lasting colour under prolonged UV exposure
  • Replaces expensive over-seeding programs
  • Extends golf play later into the fall and winter


Green Lawnger Turf Colorant for Autumn and Spring Turf Transition Programs
Shrinking maintenance budgets? Limited manpower? Irrigation water restrictions?
Turf professionals are now using Green Lawnger colorant with ColorLock technology to supplement or even replace Autumn turf over-seeding programs with successful results.

Green Lawnger Turf Colorant Treats Winter Injury
Harsh winter conditions like snow and ice often damage turf. Dry weather temperatures can cause a delay in spring transition to green turf. Using Green Lawnger permanent turf paint with ColorLock technology can decrease winter injury and promote rapid spring green-up in turf.

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