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Vision Pro®

Visual Spray Application Aid and UV Resistant Turf Colorant

Green Lawnger® and Vision Pro®  turf colorant with ColorLock® technology is an advanced visual spray application aid for turf managers who want to achieve uniform applications of plant protection products with the added feature of a long-lasting natural green turf colour.

Unlike other spray marker colorant products that quickly fade in sunlight, Vision Pro colorant is resistant to the adverse effects of prolonged UV light exposure. The professional turf manager will take pride in the visual enhancements from Vision Pro colour knowing it is the result of uniform pesticide applications and a longer-lasting natural green turf colorant.

Vision Pro colorant is tank mixable with many professional brand-quality plant protectant products commonly used in golf course and sports turf management. Specially formulated to be pump-seal friendly, use Vision Pro colorant with confidence in pesticide spray application equipment designed for use on professionally managed turf-grasses.



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