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WettaSoil® Ultra

Keeping turf lush by improving water penetration

With its technologically enhanced formulation, Wettasoil Ultra has developed a reputation as the longest lasting wetting agent available in Australia & New Zealand today. 100% active and non-ionic, it remains active in the soil throughout the entire growing season, limiting the need for several applications.

Ideal for newly seeded or hydro-seeded turf grass, ornamentals, flowers and shrubs, Wettasoil Ultra is proven to be highly effective in improving water penetration and lowering watering needs. It provides a great rate and depth of penetration into the plants roots, reducing the incidence of dry spot and fairy ring diseases and keeping turf looking lush and green all year round.

Available in both a liquid and granular form, Wettasoil Ultra is one of the safest wetting agents available having no harmful NPEs and a lower burn potential than many other wetting agents.

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